Why is it So Hard to Drink 8 Glasses of Water But 8 Cups of Coffee Go Down Like a Chubby Dog on a Seesaw

by | Mar 29, 2020

So this is my first blog. Currently, we are on day 6 of the UK lockdown. I’ve had to dye my own grey roots – successfully I might add (I was shocked at that fact too), I can already do my own gel nails (phew!!!!) however I have false eyelashes that are falling out faster than most parents are falling out with their entrapped kids!!! I have had to buy mascara for the first time in a year but can’t start to wear it until the lashes have all fallen off or I will look like I have a spider caught in super-glue for lashes. I really don’t want to scare my fellow dog walkers, not that they get that close anymore due to social distancing. My poor puppy doesn’t understand and takes great offence to everyone that now doesn’t say hello to him. He sits down and refuses to move. I’m sure I even saw his bottom lip quiver the other morning. And I’m mainlining more cups of coffee than I dare to admit to anyone!! Obviously I know that this lockdown is the right thing to have happen and I totally agree with it but….. I’m self employed and currently have no money coming in and no prospect of money coming in for the foreseeable future. Terrified is an understatement.

But here’s the catch, I could let this defeat me (and drown myself in a bottle of wine every night) OR I could try to keep positive and find new things to do. So I thought about learning something different but then most things involve buying stuff aka supplies that was a no (see previous paragraph about being skint). I already exercise 5 times a week so I can’t suddenly start to move, I have dogs so therefore an excuse to go outside (with a total lack of eyelashes), I read, I study and I listen to podcasts. I’m making myself sound like such a saint – honestly I’m not!! I do all these things already as I live alone with 2 dogs and I have had to learn not to spend all of my time in front of re-runs of friends (thank you Netflix for adding that). So I landed on blogging.

Now, I have a fairly sociable job – I’m a freelance equestrian coach. I normally spend most of my day training and talking to clients and driving a million miles (while having a massive guilt fest for how I have been adding to the global warming issues we have been facing – yes you guessed it, I have a diesel devil car). I have spent many days complaining about the amount of driving, this is one thing that I’m not missing. I do however, miss my clients, I miss the social interaction that I would get from them, I miss the outlet for my crazy sense of humour. Sadly for my dogs this means I take stupid videos and pictures of them now most days. Normally they only had to put up with this on a Sunday. Now everyday is Sunday for them and me for that matter.

So I guess what I’m trying to do is explain why I landed on blogging. I like to talk. To interact. To hopefully make people’s lives feel a little less blue. Maybe inject a little of my humour. Like when I get bored I tend to lookup useless facts (this stops me being a social media addict) – did you know that dreamt is the only word in the English language to end with an ‘mt’. Told you – useless. But then is it. Bet you’re now trying to think of any other words that might end in mt. And if you weren’t a moment ago, you definitely are now.

I have also had to limit the amount of alcohol I have during this lockdown. Now obviously this is a good thing as it isn’t healthy……honestly!!!. And I also have had my most epic fails after a glass (um bottle) of red wine. Like when I decided it would be a good idea to fake tan my legs. I didn’t realise the epicness of my fail until the next day. My left leg looked amazing (yes!!! cue fist pump in the air) and then I looked at my right leg. Total fail, I had the imprint of my pyjama bottoms up the entire length of my leg as this is obviously the side that I slept on and hadn’t given the tan the appropriate time to dry. Classic!!!

So that’s it for my first blog. I’m trying hard to drink all the water that’s necessary while also being hyper aware of how many times this means I have to go pee. I tell myself each morning that I need to cut down on coffee and then I laugh and laugh, its good to tell yourself funny jokes in the morning. BYYEEEEEEE